The official Shiba Inu journeying through MARS. 

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🌟  Inspired by the Martian calendar


✅  Contract: Renounced
🔥 Tax: 0%


🔥  Liquidity: Burned
💸  Pair: SOL/MARTY

No Utility

 🚫  No promises 
  🤗  Just a MARS Meme 💎

Welcome to MARS!

✨Greetings Earthlings! Marty Inu here, chilling on the red dunes of Mars—yeah, it's toasty, but my crypto's cooler. Just touched down with a stash of BTC and ETH, all thanks to our sleek Solana express rocket​🚀! Let's kick up some Martian dust and make this economy skyrocket. Over and out! 🐕🪐💰👽🔥

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$Marty Inu Supply Deets
Totol Supply:   687,024,004
Why this number? 
It's all about that Martian life! 🪐

  • 687 - Days in a Martian year (we go long!)
  • 024 - Months in the Martian calendar (extra time to vibe)
  • 004 - Approx. weeks in a Martian month (keepin' it tight)

Community #MartyARMY

$MARTY inu Mission Control

Welcome to the #MartyARMY, where uniqueness isn't just a word – it's our entire universe! With MARTY Inu, we're not only unique in name but also in our narrative. We're the only token that's literally a meme out of this world, leading a fun-filled colonization on Mars and pioneering its meme economy.

Step into the #MartyARMY, where we're not just unique – we're trailblazers in the meme coin cosmos! MARTY Inu is more than a token; it's a symbol of our power to push boundaries and create something truly unparalleled. Our journey with Marty, the first Shiba Inu on Mars, is about rewriting the rules of what a meme token can be.

We're pioneering Mars' colonization and its meme economy, but that's just the beginning. We are community-driven, with every member playing a vital role in steering our course. Together, we're not just participating in the meme economy; we're actively shaping it. We may not promise the usual crypto clichés, but we offer something more valuable – the opportunity to make history alongside other successful meme coins. With MARTY Inu, every holder, every enthusiast, every dreamer becomes part of a narrative that's as dynamic as the market itself.

Join us as we venture into uncharted territories, fueled by community strength and a shared vision. Let's make our mark in the crypto world, turning the MARTY Inu journey into a legend that will be talked about for generations!

🚀 Be part of the #MartyARMY – let’s make history and move beyond the ordinary, together! 🌕


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